OK. What is uk.religion.pagan? It is a newsgroup on Usenet. It is also where I spend loads of time whilst online. It is a place for like minded people to meet and chat, not only about Paganism, but about more or less anything.

URP, as it is more commonly known, has been around for a few years now, and in that time it has built up quite a community. We have our own Webpage, which explains it all better than I could, but sadly is now a little dated. That being the case, why do I have pages for URP? Well since it is a well populated and busy newsgroup, things are being said and added all the time. Other URP resorces can be found on the URP links page.
Application for a Gift Giving Anthromorphic Personification
'Tis the season of good will etc. and so on and so forth, so you should make preparations for your future.
URP Family Tree
URP is a community, a family. And so a family should have a family tree. As URP Genealogist, I set myself the task of mapping the various physical, and metaphysical relationships on URP (some of these are true relationships, some are URP specific).
War of the Newsgroups
Based on the musical adaptation of HG Wells classic Sci-Fi novel "War of the Worlds", this work was written a particularly fierce troll invasion
The Naming of URPers.
Following a discussion on the use and abuse of names, I made comment that the subject appeared similar to
TS Elliot's "The Naming of Cats".