Application form

Gift Giving Anthromorphic Personification (GGAP)

Thank you for you for applying for a Gift Giving Anthromorphic Personification. Please complete the below application form, ensuring you complete all the requested questions. If the form is incomplete, this may delay our processing of your request, and so delay the receiving of gifts for your requested festive season.

Part One: About you

1. What is your Name:
Mr, Mrs, Miss , Ms , Other (please specify) _______________

2. What is your marital status
Single ( ) Married ( ) Divorced ( )
Separated ( ) Widowed ( ) Co-habiting ( )

3. What is your relationship to the gift receivers?

4: What is your address?
Post Code:_________________________________________

5: What is the address for gift delivery (if different to above)
Post Code:_________________________________________

6: What is the household annual gross income: (if self employed please provide an average of the last 3 years gross income)

7: Have you ever applied for GGAP cover before?
Yes ( ) No ( )

8: Have you ever been declined an application for GGAP before:
Yes ( ) No ( ).
If Yes, how long ago: _____ years

About the gift receivers

1. How many gift receivers are there in the household?
Number: ____

Please complete the following section for each gift receiver applied. Further copies of this section are available on request:

2: What is their date of birth:

3. What is your relationship to the gift reciever(s):

4. Are they:
Naughty (percentage):
__% __% __% __%
Nice (percentage)
__% __% __% __%

3: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very light, and 10 very heavy,on average how heavy a sleeper is the gift reciever(s)?
__ __ __ __

About Your Policy:

I am applying for a visit from:
Santa Claus ( ) Chris Cringle ( ) The Holly King ( )
Saint Nicholas ( ) The Hogfather ( )
Someone who looks like your dad in a suit ( )
Other (please specify): ____________________
(please use the additional information box at the back of the application if you require more room)

Whilst all effort will be made to meet the wishes of our customers, we may not be able to accomodate all requirements. If this is the case, we shall endeavor to provide a close as possible match, and shall write to you for confirmation of acceptance before starting your policy.

Gifts should be left:
Under a tree ( ) Outside the bedroom door ( ) In a suitable recepticle at the end of the bed ( )
In the custody of the principle policy holder ( ) Other ( )

The chosen Anthromorphic Personification should have a liking for (tick all that apply):
Mince pies [ ]
Sherry [ ]
Mead [ ]
Red Wine [ ]
White wine [ ]
Festive desert food [ ]
Branded soft drink [ ] Please specify ____________
Other (please specify):_________________________

About the gift recieving property:

The property is:
A flat ( ) Maisonette ( ) Detatched house ( )
Semi-detatched house ( ) Terraced house ( )

The property has(please tick all that apply):
A chimney [ ]
An easily accessable ground floor window: [ ]
External basement access [ ]
Cat flap [ ]
None of the above [ ]


I the undersigned confirm that the information provided above is complete and accurate, and that providing incorrect or incomplete information may invalidate my policy. I accept that Anthromorphic Persons Inc. reserve the right to adjust my policy in line with their underwriting guidelines, and that I they will get my acceptance of any changes before the policy is put in force.

I agree that I shall notify AP Inc. of any changes to my circumstances which may affect my policy, and that failur to do o may invalidate my policy.

Please tick this box if you do not wish your information passed to other companies whom we feel offer services in which you would be interested [ ]