The Eternal Candle

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Aware by Selphiebabe
Death is nothing at all by Henry Scott Holland, posted by vendrin (LJ)
Dumb All Over by Frank Zappa, posted by Archaiser (URPer)
Fault The Police by Corporate Avenger, posted by Eddie 'MAdMaN' Potts (URPer)
In Honour of the Firemen, Police, EMT's, and Other Rescue Workers Who Died at the WTC by Logan (URPer)
No Rain by Blind Melon, posted byZellybaby (LJ)
One World by Alan Hull, posted by Anthrax (URP&LJ)
The Bible is Bullshit by Corporate Avenger, posted by Eddie 'MAdMaN' Potts (URPer)
The News by rhyein (LJ)

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